Friday, April 24, 2009

Are u really doing business?

The news of 阿叔林尚義 came suddenly last night. I wanted to dedicate Elvis Presley's I'll Remember You to him. So, I logged on to iTunes. The balance I have left is $0.24. Not enough to buy a song. Since iTunes doesn't allow oversea download. I therefore turned myself to the local music downloading site, eolasia. Fuck them, the website is not Mac-friendly. I had no choice but turn to illegal download. Huh...lucky me, there was no link to it. At last, I ended up not playing the song.

The situation we ended up today:
1. Apple doesn't appreciate the music market in Hong Kong. Well, it is understandable. Who would? Who bothers talking business with these stupid record companies' management?
2. Why is there only one legal music downloading site here?
3. Why don't those management people at record companies in HK reconsider the way they sell music?
You guys are no victims. You guys are the murderer.

No matter what, 阿叔, I'll Remember you.

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Anonymous said...

i respected ah shuk...
nth gonna change our love to him

ku yuet wu